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November 7 -  The results are in - we won in two municipalities - The City of Greensburg and Southwest Greensburg! This will help sustain the library but does not create a permanent solution to the funding situation. We came very close in Hempfield and Youngwood!

News & Updates

News and Updates!

Updates for the week of  November 6: 


We won decisively in the City of Greensburg and Borough of Southwest Greensburg. Those two municipalities will support the library through a dedicated one mill levy to be collected next tax year. In the other municipalities, the library will continue to seek and expect municipal support from the local governments as in the past. Local communities are still expected to provide support to their public libraries - this vote does not change this state guideline!

About Us

Save Our Library! Save the GHAL!

Our committee is dedicated to the approval of referendum in several  municipalities so as to ensure dedicated and sufficient funding for the Greensburg-Hempfield Area Library and the Youngwood Community Library for the future. 

Successful referenda were held in two municipalities -  City of Greensburg and the Borough of Southwest Greensburg on November 7, 2017. The vote asked for a 1 mill levy on the assessed value of taxable real estate in six municipalities. The four municipalities in which the vote failed will be asked, as in the past, to fund the library directly through their budgets. In addition, in five years, it is likely the referenda will be again placed on the ballot in these areas. 

The library will use the funds to restore, maintain and extend needed programs across our service area.  All funds will be used for the Greensburg-Hempfield Area Library and the Youngwood Community Library. More information is provided below.

Without this Referendum - the Library will Close!

Without the referenda or significantly increased support from the state and local municipal governments, the library will be forced to further reduce staffing, reduce hours, and reduce purchases of new materials and technology. However since the library is already operating at the minimum levels permitted by state law, if the library falls below those levels, state funding will be cut off, which could result in permanently closing the library.  

As the vote passed in Greensburg and Southwest Greensburg, this certainly helps the library and perhaps delays possible closure for a year or two. But it does not create a permanent and sustainable funding solution. 

For more information on the current library financial conditions and impact of the referenda please see below.

detailed Information and Data

The Problem

 The library does not receive enough money from the state, county, municipalities, and boroughs to meet its yearly budget.  The Greensburg Hempfield Area Library board has asked for a referendum on the November 7, 2017 local election ballot to fund library programs, services, staffing, and facilities upkeep. The  GHAL has provided the data herein.  All funding from this referendum will be used locally.   If the referendum passes, the library will use the funds to restore, maintain and extend needed programs across our service area. If the referendum fails, certain key programs will continue to face shortfalls.  

What is the status of the Youngwood Branch of the Library?  

Youngwood Library is a branch of the Greensburg Hempfield Area Library. If the referendum passes, Youngwood Library will continue to thrive. If the referendum fails, the branch will close along with the main library. 

Plan A - Referendum Success

If the referenda are successful:

  • Expand early learning programs and resources for children       
  • Restore purchases of all materials including e-books  
  • Provide technology support and career development assistance   and opportunities 
  • Improve online library services         
  • Provide business services to assist local businesses
  • Expand community based activities
  • Provide clean, safe and maintained facilities
  • Make all restrooms handicapped  accessible 
  • Restore Friday and add Sunday hours 
  • End deficit spending  

Plan B - Alternatives?

If the referenda are unsuccessful:

  • Reduce early learning programs and resources for children 
  • Meet only legal requirements for material purchases through deficit spending       
  • Reduce or eliminate technology support and career development assistance       
  • Maintain a shell presence of  online services       
  • Reduce or eliminate business services       
  • Reduce or eliminate community based activities       
  • Make only urgent repairs through deficit spending       
  • No handicapped access to a bathroom on the main floor        
  • Reduce library hours at the risk of   losing state funding     
  • Close the library within 6 years or less     

FAQs - Library Usage & Services

In 2016 there were 18,484 registered users, 144,769 library visits during 2,350 open hours. The average weekly open hours were 47. Computer access in the library accounted for 14,351 computer use sessions. The library’s wireless network was accessed 4,379 times. There were 48,797 logins to the online catalog. The number of visits without logins cannot be ascertained.  

  Why doesn’t the library charge for services? The Pennsylvania statute that authorizes using Pennsylvania tax dollars for public libraries contains a specific prohibition against charging for “routine” library services.  

FAQs - The Library Budget

What is the yearly operating budget of the library? 

The operating cost for 2016 was $751,111 and the budget for 2017 is $740,000.   

What is the income from state, county and local sources?

  The following is a list of income sources and amounts received in 2016:      

  • State $157,000     
  • Westmoreland County $13,000    
  • Hempfield Township $ 30,000     
  • City of Greensburg $ 20,280     
  • Borough of South Greensburg $1, 000 
  • Hempfield Area School Dist.  $10, 000
  • Borough of SW Greensburg $500     
  • Rentals $52,500     
  • Total $284,280     

FAQs - The Referenda

Do other libraries have dedicated tax support?  

Yes. In our area, Jeannette's Public Library  receives 1.24 mills from a referendum just approved in 2016. Norwin's Public Library receives 1.2 mills from a levy created many years ago.

What will the measure cost property owners? 

Based on the property’s appraised value, 1 mill would cost the average homeowner an estimated $20 to $30 annually or $1.67 to $2.50 per month.  

  On which ballots will the referendum be placed and how much income is  1 mill expected to generate? (approximations) 

  • City of Greensburg   $120,000     
  • Hempfield Township   $500,000     
  • Borough of South Greensburg $22,000   
  • Borough of SW Greensburg $15,600     
  • Borough of Youngwood  $26,500     
  • Borough of New Stanton $32,000     
  • Total: $716,100     

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